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Biographical Data

NAME: Barbara R. Morgan
NASA Astronaut Candidate (Mission Specialist)

Born November 28, 1951, in Fresno, California. Married to writer Clay Morgan of McCall, Idaho. They have two sons. She is a classical flutist who also enjoys jazz, literature, hiking, swimming, cross-country skiing, and her family. Her parents are Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Radding. Her parents-in-law are Dr. and Mrs. Clay Morgan.

Hoover High School, Fresno, California, 1969.
B.A., Human Biology, Stanford University, 1973 (with distinction).
Teaching Credential, College of Notre Dame, Belmont, California, 1974.

Idaho Education Association; National Council of Teachers of Mathematics; National Science Teachers Association; International Reading Association; International Technology Education Association; Challenger Center for Space Science Education.

Phi Beta Kappa (l973), NASA Headquarters Special Service Award (l987), NASA Public Service Group Achievement Award (l988). Other awards include Idaho Fellowship Award (1998), University of Idaho President's Medallion Award (l998), International Technology Education Association Lawrence Prakken Professional Cooperation Award (l996), Challenger Center for Space Science Education Challenger 7 Award (l995), National Space Society Space Pioneer Award for Education (l992), Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce Wright Brothers "Kitty Hawk Sands of Time" Education Award (l991), Women in Aerospace Education Award (l991), National PTA Honorary Lifetime Member (1986), and USA Today Citizens of the Year (l986).

Morgan began her teaching career in 1974 on the Flathead Indian Reservation at Arlee Elementary School in Arlee, Montana, where she taught remedial reading and math. From 1975-1978, she taught remedial reading/math and second grade at McCall-Donnelly Elementary School in McCall, Idaho. From 1978-1979, Morgan taught English and science to third graders at Colegio Americano de Quito in Quito, Ecuador. From l979-l998, she taught second, third, and fourth grades at McCall-Donnelly Elementary School.

Morgan was selected as the backup candidate for the NASA Teacher in Space Program on July 19, 1985. From September 1985 to January 1986, Morgan trained with Christa McAuliffe and the Challenger crew at NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas. Following the Challenger accident, Morgan assumed the duties of Teacher in Space Designee. From March 1986 to July 1986, she worked with NASA, speaking to educational organizations throughout the country. In the fall of 1986, Morgan returned to Idaho to resume her teaching career. She taught second and third grades at McCall-Donnelly Elementary and continued to work with NASA's Education Division, Office of Human Resources and Education. Her duties as Teacher in Space Designee included public speaking, educational consulting, curriculum design, and serving on the National Science Foundation's Federal Task Force for Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering.

Selected by NASA in January 1998 as the first Educator Mission Specialist, she reported for training in August 1998. Astronaut Candidate Training includes orientation briefings and tours, numerous scientific and technical briefings, intensive instruction in Shuttle and International Space Station systems, physiological training, and ground school to prepare for T-38 flight training, as well as learning water and wilderness survival techniques. Following a period of training and evaluation, she will receive technical assignments within the Astronaut Office before being assigned to a space flight.


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