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Biographical Data

NAME: Ronald A. Parise (Ph.D.)
Payload Specialist

Born May 24, 1951, in Warren, Ohio. Married to the former Cecelia M. Sokol of Youngstown, Ohio. They have two children. He enjoys amateur radio, flying, scuba diving, sailing, hiking, and camping. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Parise, reside in Warren, Ohio. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sokol, reside in Youngstown, Ohio.

Received his bachelor of science degree in physics, with minors in mathematics, astronomy, and geology, Youngstown State University, Ohio, 1973; and a master of science degree and a doctor of philosophy degree in astronomy, University of Florida, 1977 and 1979, respectively.

Dr. Parise is a senior scientist in the Science Programs Department, Computer Sciences Corporation, in Silver Spring, Maryland. He is a member of the research team for the Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope, one of the instruments that flew on STS-35 and STS-67 as part of the Astro payload.

American Astronomical Society, Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Association of Space Explorers, International Astronomical Union, Sigma Xi, and Phi Kappa Phi.

Dr. Parise has been involved in flight hardware development, electronic system design, and mission planning activities for the Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope project. He has studied the circumsteller material in binary star systems and is currently studying the evolutionary status of stars in globular clusters. He has logged over 615 hours in space as a member of the crew of Space Shuttle Columbia for STS-35 and the Space Shuttle Endeavor for STS-67 missions.

Dr. Parise is located at the Goddard Space Flight Center Laboratory for Astronomy and Solar Physics in Greenbelt, Maryland. He is a member of the research team analyzing ultraviolet images returned from the STS-67/Astro-2 space shuttle flight.

JUNE 1995

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