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Biographical Data

NAME: Donn F. Eisele
NASA Astronaut

Born: June 23, 1930 in Columbus, Ohio. Deceased December 1, 1987 of a heart attack.

A lifelong interest in flying prompted him to choose an Air Force career after he graduated from the Naval Academy. He flew jet fighters, became a test pilot, and in 1964 joined NASA as an astronaut.

In 1968, Eisele flew aboard Apollo 7, the pioneer voyage of the Apollo moon landing program. He also served on the back-up crews for the ill-fated Apollo 1 and for Apollo 10,the prelude to the first moon landing.

In 1972, Colonel Eisele retired from the Air Force and left the space program to become Director of the U. S. Peace Corps in Thailand. Upon returning from Thailand, Eisele became Sales Manager for Marion Power Shovel Company, a division of Dresser Industries. Hee handled private and corporate accounts for the investment firm of Oppenheimer and Company.

Eisele held a master of science degree in Astronautics. He has flown several thousand hours in a variety of flying machines ranging from hand gliders to rocket ships. His awards include the Distinguished Flying Cross, the NASA Exceptional Service Medal, and a television "Emmy" for his performance in the first live telecast from outer space, on board Apollo Seven.

Eisele resided in Ft. Lauderdale with his wife Susan, daughter Kristin and son Andrew. Eisele's interests include investments, energy, travel and writing. His published works include personal story articles, technical notes and speeches.


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